Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yesterday, at around 11pm, I was watching tv and blogging on Miss Fly in the living room. Hubby was inside the study doing some research on some real estate issues for his father. Then suddenly, there was a loud scream coming from the balcony area downstairs. Our balcony faces a playground and at night it’s not lighted but you know there are a lot of youngsters that like to hang out there.

Anyway, af first we thought it sounded like a kid screaming. but then it got louder and more often. Hubby looked out the balcony and saw (it was not pitch dark last night) a man lying on the ground. He was screaming and his friends was like holding him down. Hubby immediately knew that the man must have been possessed coz he was like screaming “Sapa Kau?!” or “Who are you?” to the people holding him down. See how loud he was screaming, we could practically hear what’s going on down there.

Our building security must have called the cops because they arrived after 30 minutes or so and helped disperse the crowd that was forming. Some more people came and the man was carried to a house close by (he must be living nearby). We heard his screaming till 3am and then suddenly there’s silence. Hubby figured someone must have managed to help the man or something.

We only managed to go to sleep after the guy became quiet. Wow so scary eh.. and I hope he’s ok!


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