Saturday, March 22, 2008

Last week when I was over at Low Yatt Plaza, I was looking through the different “tools” that are available nowadays in the market for the typical PC user. I saw a KVM switch that would enable you to control two, three or even four pcs with using just one keyboard and one mouse. The pc can run concurrently and each is running as a separate entity. Isn’t that awesome? You can really save on the desktop space. I also saw a multitude of different cables for different purposes like the fiber cable, the network cable and the converter cable.

On the shelves were also many gadgets for Miss Fly that are “cute” like the foldable keyboard which I totally fell in love with and the various laptop skin that can totally change the look of any laptop. Too bad I did not have Miss Fly with me otherwise I was so gonna get that red and black abstract skin. Next time lah…..In the meantime, I’ll just stick to the original skin Miss Fly is in ;)


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