Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How apt that I was tagged by Farah today to list down my recent ten things that made me happy. So off we go…

  1. It’s my 8th year wedding anniversary TODAY!!!
  2. My health. I made a 100% recovery from my fibroid surgery
  3. Going back to Singapore earlier this month to visit my mommy and getting to eat all those delicious meal she prepared
  4. Nandos Delivers
  5. This blog was accepted into another paid post program
  6. Making more new friends online from blogging
  7. Bought Miss Fly with my online earnings
  8. I got the long awaited photograph from my CNC club ladies
  9. Satisfying my cheesecake cravings
  10. Hubby’s business thriving

And…. as a special treat… here’s a picture from our wedding day…

I’m not tagging anyone this time but feel free to tag yourself if you feel like sharing ok..;)


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