Friday, March 21, 2008

It was 5.30am and both me and hubby were still wide awake. In fact we just had a very early breakfast of hotdog in a bun. What a breakfast eh? Anyway, I was in my bedroom getting ready for my prayers when I heard shouts coming from downstairs. I thought “Not Again!” and then I heard “Tolong! Tolong” (help! help!) and then whistles.. I quickly peeped out my window and I saw these two guys struggling or fighting with another guy. When the security guards from our building started using their whistles, the two guys ran off. The security guards handed some wipes to the victim and walked with him back to the security station.

Then this morning, we found out from the guards downstairs that it was robbery attempt. The victim, who was in a white long sleeved shirt was walking towards the bus-stop using the park and these two guys attacked him hoping it was a snatch and run kinda thing but the the victim fought back.. and hence the cry for help.

Wah what an adventure eh?!.. I love my condo apartment! ….Lolzz!


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