Monday, March 31, 2008

I love riding on the motorbike. It is the greatest feeling not having to wait in traffic jams but sometimes, these riders can really get on your nerves I tell you. They completely leave their safety in other people’s hand. By that I mean they totally expect people to slow down for them, to give way to them, even when it is so obvious we have the right of way. One thing my hubby told me that makes sense is probably that these people never drive a car before so they don’t understand what on earth are “blind-spots”!

Anyway, we were in our car today (it was pretty dark outside and we did not want to be caught in the rain), when this guy, on a motorcycle of course, just came out of nowhere and you know what he was doing? He was “bottom-uping” from a can of drink while merging into traffic. I guess he must have eyes on his neck or something. We literally got to stop to make sure where he was going before we made our own move. Crazy moron! Can you imagine if he encountered a driver that was not paying a 100% attention to the road??

Still taking a deepppp breath…

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