Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I need a new cellphone pretty much like now coz my Siemens one is dying on me. Even ffter I’ve given it all the juice it need, it will still die on me with just one phone call or a few text messages. The keypad is also no longer as sensitive as before. I need to press and press the keys for the numbers to stick which makes dialing and texting difficult if not impossible. I could potentially just use my old Nokia 3315 phone that works fine but that means, no camera, no saving of send messages and limited phone storage numbers. Nah… I don’t think so…lolzz.

I have two phones in mind right now. I’m torn between the Sony Ericsson P1i which is also a PDA phone, and the other is a Sony Ericsson K850i which has 5megapixel camera – which also means I don’t need to get me a digital camera anymore! Ahhh the dilemma. Maybe I should apply for cash advance loans, then I can get both! sengihnampakgigi

If anyone has these phones or have experiences using any or both of the phones, I’d appreciate any feedback so I can make an informed decision before jumping in both feet.

Thanks peeps sembah


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