Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What happens when two cat-loving night owls put their heads together and combine their passion for blogging? They form an exclusive club of course!

& I have decided to form our very own Red Hot Drops Entrecard Club and our membership drive starts NOW! Got an Entrecard? Then join us as we drop our hot EC all over the blogosphere.

All you have to do is include you Blog name and URL into this list. Copy the blogroll code and badge into your blog’s sidebar, leave us a comment here and voila! You’re now all set to start dropping your hot EC into all the wonderful sites in our Blogroll!

Add your blog NOW and you’ll be listed here once we’ve confirmed your link and EC widget. Pls ensure you have the Red Hot Drops badge and blogroll installed at your sidebar as well. This is required before we can approve your to the list. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any X-rated sites and we do request that your EC widget be placed high enough at your sidebar for everyone’s convenience. To maintain our exclusivity, we’re looking for only 99 Red Hot Drops so HURRY! It’s easy, FUN and is a great way to drive more EC traffic your way! Join us NOW!

Here’s the blogroll code for you to include on your sidebar.

And here’s the badge to display at your sidebar.


UPDATE ON the RED HOT DROPS – Please Read!

The membership drive for the Red Hot Drops is now officially over! GP & I have been really busy these past few days, going through your blogs and deciding on which blogs to successfully make our exclusive list. Due to overwhelming response, we’ve decided to extend the membership to an additional 2 blogs, bringing the total count of RED HOT DROPS members to a cool 101!

We thank you for your support and we apologize for not being able to accommodate each and every one who entered their names here. We have a very good variety of blogs listed so we’d like to encourage everyone to visit and get to know one another. Have FUN and we’ll be seeing you soon! WELCOME to the RED HOT DROPS!


1. LadyJava’s Lounge
2. Being Woman
3. Cat Tales
4. LadyJava Life’s Pages
5. Wishing on a Falling Star
6. Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery
7. Roxiticus Desperate Housewives
8. Emila Yusof
9. Roxiticus Best Blogs
10. pastel corner
11. Mrs. Mecomber
12. Rebecca
13. Zubli Zainordin The AchehChineseMan
16. Eastcoastlife
17. Bonoriau
18. Jean Chia
19. Raine
20. Shemah’s Sweet Escape
21. Spiff, The Spaceman
22. Comics Legends and Lore
23. A Girl For All Status
24. Bokjae
25. Chica & Pumuckl
26. Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta.
27. Ramblings of The Phat
28. Farah
29. Rozella
30. A Hand Me Down Life
31. Maketraffic
32. Monaco
33. Genie King
34. Speedcat Hollydale
35. Walk With Me
36. The Beacon
37. Sandy M
38. Mee mOe
39. Bless
41. Happy
42. Bless’ Confessions
43. Craft N Swap
45. Shinade
46. Teasa’s Tips
47. Rai
48. Moomettesgram’s Musinngs
49. Mama Mentor Blog
50. Bay Head Blog
51. Janice Ng
52. Buffy
53. Elliot
54. BillyWarhol
55. Jesie
56. Mommy’s’ little corner
57. *Kristie*
58. Sultanazuleikha’s CelebratingLife
59. My Drift
60. Peanut
61. Captured by gravity
62. Vicente tapungot
63. Ruby
64. Tina
65. Mom Knows Everything
66. PlotDog Press
67. Spice World
68. The Other Side of Emila
69. My so called life
70. Not Your Everyday SuperGoddess
71. Trinity
72. Susan Sonnen
73. Laura
74. Peterjanet
75. J3net
76. Bing
77. Purplefrog
78. Make Money Online
79. Kim Cash
81. Sassy
82. The Raging Tech
83. Holy Cuteness
84. Jesie’s’ travel
85. Mangosteenskin
86. Rest n rileks
87. Can of Thoughts
88. Maiylah
89. Snippets
90. Ratu Syura
91. Homesick for abroad
92. Lotusflower
93. Raising Mercury
94. Ladyhawkcj
95. Jenny-up the hill
96. SHaE-sHaE
97. CyberCelt
98. Sasha
99. Kloggers
100. BlackPeanut

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