Monday, May 26, 2008

OMG! It’s been a while since me and Azwaj actually go out during the day. Like noon-ish kinda of timing. We either leave early in the day or real late in the afternoon. However, today, seeing how I have not even gotten my coach ticket to Singapore for tomorrow and my mom’s medicine is still not collected yet, we decided to leave around 10am. After all that’s around the time the pharmacy opens anyway.

First stop was Azwaj’s office, to settle some office work before I leave for the whole week. Then it was to the bank, then to one of the pharmacy to collect one type of medication. Then Yong Tau Foo Lunch… yummy… After that followed by buying of the coach ticket, then to the other pharmacy. We decided today to do all errands today by bike. Much faster definitely. It was so hot though that I was practically melting under the hot sun.

Ahh feels so good to be home again, in my air-conditioned study with a cup of hot tea next to me. I have some eye candy of you guys as well.. My Lunch….lolzzz!


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