Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I was in the mood to call people today. I sat in front of Miss Fly, with my pending file in one hand and the phone in another.

First I called the pharmacy to put in order for my mom’s Seretide accuhaler as I’m going back to SG next week. Then I called the furniture company to confirm Azwaj’s client’s order for the computer and the coffee tables. No, we don’t sell furniture but it was part of the contract that we won to supply those together with the equipment order.

After that I decided to check up on my Permanent Residence application. I put in this request in June 2006. Azwaj went for the interview in Dec 2006 and we got confirmation of the receipt of application in April 2007 and till now, no news. Hence, I decided to see what’s going on.

After several attempts, I finally spoke to an officer. She was kind and patient as I stammer throught my official Malay..lolzz!!..

Officer: We have your application in the system but you have got to wait for your queue number.
LJ: How long before that happens?
Officer: Oh your application is very new and it will take a while. Still got lots of applicants before you. So please continue with your social visit pass.
LJ: Ok. so when should I call again to check on the status?
Officer: Call back in 2-3 years time

My mood to continue calling others ended.

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