Thursday, May 22, 2008

I’ve not followed American Idol that much since MJ was eliminated from the contest and have only been following online via youtube videos.

However I made a special effort today to watch the finale show live as I believe the two David’s really deserved the top 2 spots after catching them on youtube last night. I must say I was really impressed with both David Cook and David Archuleta! Both put up amazing performances and it was like watching a concert!

This morning live show was WOW! With appearances from Donna Summers, Bryan Adams and George Michaels, it was worth the time away from blogging..lolzz!! All the 12 finalists also put up a fantastic show and harmonized so well that they could very well formed a band!

Anyway, it was no big surprise that David Cook won the title. He exudes charisma, confidence and was already performing like he owns the stage. Take heart though for DA fans, I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of this guy in the coming future :)

Here’s the video I found from youtube of David Cook’s performance last night.. All I can say is.. superb!!!

David Cook Finale Performance


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