Sunday, May 04, 2008

When I went for my fibroid removal surgery earlier this year, my hospital bill came up to a whooping RM9500! That was not even for a single room. I was sharing with three others patients in the maternity ward. I’m not complaining but I was wondering if Azwaj or me had any health insurance, we could have avoided such a exorbitant amount.

It is not our culture here to get health insurance because I guess a lot of us are employees and our companies have those covered for us already. This is the case for my SIL who was admitted just recently and because her husband was an employed personnel, his company’s health insurance covered for all hospital bill. The company that I worked for in Singapore before had the same kind of insurance as well. We also have what we call a “medisave” account that as employees working in Singapore, we had to contribute monthly to. We can use the funds in case we are ever hospitalised, although it does have to be a Singapore hospital.

In my case, Azwaj’s company, which is his own, does not have such fringe benefits coz the company is young and there’s not too many staff yet. So we had to pay out of our own pocket. I’m just wondering now, going forward, if we should really look into health insurance. After all you never know what might happen in the future.

Having said that, you might want to check out NC health insurance. The site is able to give you a custom tailored plans in three easy steps. So check it out wont’ you senyum


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