Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wah so many people I know have today as their birthday.. my cousin,K.Lin in Singapore, my chatter friend, AppleZ in Tasmania and last but definitely not least my blogger friend who I just recently met, Natrah in Kedah!

With that in mind.. I’m throwing a birthday party at LJL!!

Happy Birthday K.Lin, Applez and Natrah!

so cakes and free flow of Javanese coffee for everyone and look I even got some handy service staff to attend to you guys !! Yihaa!! sengihnampakgigi.. I could not get Azwaj to play for us on his guitar so I hired this Mariachi band instead to entertain us.. I hope you approve!

nd of course, what is a birthday without a birthday cake right??

So that’s it people.. I hope you enjoyed the party.. Till the next one!!

Psstt… GP!! It’s ok if you can’t come coz you’re sick.. I’ll leave you some cake ok :)


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