Sunday, May 04, 2008

May must be my lucky month.

Firstly it’s because in the latest PR ranking, LJL has managed to up it’s PR2 to a nice PR3, LLP, a modest PR2, CT, a reinstated PR3 and MMO, retained its PR3. What this means is I’ll be churning out more post for you guys to enjoy reading (i hopeangel) and more after midnight cheesecake and minum for me to enjoy gelakguling

Then I got featured not once, not twice but three times!

The first one by my new BFF, Zubli, who awarded me and GP for coming up with our brain child, the Hot Red Drop Blogroll club. Thanks Zubli.. much appreciated sengihnampakgigi !

The second one by my new blogger friend Roxy who did an excellent write up for me and my blogs simply titled Lady Java: The Blogger Who Never Sleeps. Lolzz… of course I sleep Roxy.. just not too much sengihnampakgigi

Then, just as I was about to retire for the day (or is it night), Roxy left a comment on LJL saying that LJL was the featured blog of the day over at SocialSpark! Thanks Roxy for letting me know peluk

And last but definitely not least, being able to retain my spot as top commenter at Mariuca, despite it being a close call with Zubli…heheh

Hehehehe.. Awesome or what??!!! This calls for a celebration.. I’m FAMOUS!!.. Java coffee minum for everyone!!! celebrate


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