Friday, May 02, 2008

So it finally happened. I met my first blogger friend all the way from Baling Kedah. Emila was supposed to join us but unfortunately she was called away on a meeting at the last minute instead.

Anyway, Natrah and I decided to meet at Ampang Point at 8pm last night (1st May). We decided to dress in red so that it’s easier to recognize each other. And that worked like a charm (thanks Emila). I called her once I arrived and even as we were talking on the phone, I saw this lady in red walking towards where I was. Really cool!

We decided to just hangout at McD as Nat had her dinner already. It was like a meeting of close and old friends. I felt like I’ve known her forever and we were chatting non-stop, about blogging, friends we made from blogging, making money online, even health chat. It was anything under the sun and the moon. Given a few more hours we would probably talked about bad credit auto loan as well gelakguling.

As Azwaj had so kindly offered to send Nat back to her hotel, we were taking our own sweet time getting to know each other and stayed on for as long as McD allowed us and that was like 11pm or so. We were even giggling and laughing as we were waiting for Azwaj to come and pick us up and even managed to sneak in a picture or two to MMS to Farah…lolzz… yeah Farah..we were still together when you sms and call Natrah…hehehe… so cute lah you..

The ladies in Red!!!
(hehe don’t adjust your screen,
the quality of picture not so good lah..

Anyway.. it was a fun fun night and I look forward to meeting Nat again some day and all my blogging friends as well..

Let’s all meet one day ok :)


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