Friday, May 09, 2008

You know my previous post about how I have red fingers and my hubby has green fingers? Well I found another reason why I don’t like gardening. Well, besides the fact that everything I grow dies, it is also because I am asthmatic. Smell is a triggering factor for me and soil smells! Fertilizers smells too! So there! Another excuse reason why I don’t garden! lolzz

One more reason I can think of is, because we live in an apartment now, there is really no place to plant anything. I can just imagine my kitties playing with the soil and making a big mess of anything in pots at the balcony. What would be worse is they think that the pot are their litter bin and start doing their “business” there. Oh my, that would be a disaster!

And that is why silk plants and flowers comes in handy for us. I can have the beauty and elegance of room filled with flowers and plants without the hassle of watering them or making sure they have enough sunlight and all that jazz involved with life plants. Nowadays silk plants and flowers look so real, that no one is the wiser. Why, I even get compliments about my healthy orchids from my MIL! gelakguling


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