Friday, May 09, 2008

I am bitten. Bitten by Reality TV bug that is. I just love watching Reality Shows. It started with game shows like Survivor and The Apprentice. Now I’m hooked to among others, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmare and Amazing Race. Ahh! The stress level while watching these shows will go up at an all time high, I tell you.

Azwaj refused to watch with me coz he said these shows only highlight people’s bad behaviour. While I totally agree, it won’t stop me from watching…lolzz! The only show he does watch is American Chopper because of all the super cool bikes they built.

If you are bitten too, just like me, you might want to head on RealityBug dot com. Here you can find what’s new, show updates, even casting call, in case you might want to participate yourself! There’s even a message board that you can post at to “discuss” your favorite show with others fan.

Join me there ya :)


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