Thursday, May 08, 2008

Have you ever played the soccer game FIFA in slow motion? Lolzz!! I have seen some kids doing that! gelakguling

That time I was sitting in for a friend at a cybercafe community center. You should see the condition these PC’s were in. They were not like run-down or anything but the pc specs were pathetic. But, by the way the kids were playing the computer games though, you think they are having a most wonderful time.

Anyway, there was this group of boys around the age of eight crowding at one particular terminal and making tons of noise. Naturally this was not allowed of course. So I approached them and what I saw really made my jaw dropped and all I can say is.. I felt the utmost pity for them. The FIFA game was running in slow motion.! It must be because the pc did not even meet the basic requirements in terms of memory, processing power and even the video cards.

When I asked them if they know that the pc is running the game in slow mode, they looked blurringly at me and said it’s ok.. it’s easier to handle the ball! gelakguling

Oh well, as long as they are having fun right?


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