Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hi everyone!! And here I am…lol… all the way from Singapore.. I managed to sneak away to the internet cafe just downstairs and opposite my block. Since I am not using Miss Fly, you will see this post missing all my famous smilies :)..

Anyway.. guess what? The one time I am in Singapore, they shut down the water supply to my block coz of some water tank maintenance or something. And because they did not send a note in our letterbox (they only stick one notice at the lift lobby), both me and my mom were not aware of the “non-water” day today. So guess what?.. I’m here – without my shower – lol.. don’t worry I sprayed on plenty of perfume on the way down..hehehe..especially after hauling those two pails of water from the hawker center downstairs to my unit.

You know what I need? I need or rather I want an office space of my own in Singapore.. kinda like an office away from home kinda thing complete with an assistant of my own, like the Dallas Office Space that my ex-boss used to have when he’s there on business with internet connection, someone to handle his mails and an assistant to handle this type of emergency, that way even if my mom don’t read and write English, someone will always let me know of what’s happening here like “no-water” day for instance. Oh well!!


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