Monday, May 26, 2008

We were babysitting for my SIL a few years back. Our nephew at that time was about 4years old. We got a room ready for him and we persuaded him to sleep on his own. Azri, although a bit reluctant, was up to it, after seeing how bright and cheery the room was. We also had his toys around him so I guess he was very comfortable. What he did not know was that we were peeking at him through one of the windows. He actually looked sad but he did sleep on his own that night.

Then around 4am, there was a knock on our door. It was Azri asking us if it was already day. We told him that it was still early. It was then that he requested to sleep with us. We can’t say no, can we, after the effort he put up the night before? He crawled onto our bed and slept till 8am.

How I wished we had one of this Teach Me Time Clock for Azri then. It could teach him the time and would tell him what time to get up from bed. We could have made it into a game that I’m sure he would be happy to play along especially if there was a prize at the end of it. Oh well..another time another nephew perhaps :)


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