Saturday, May 03, 2008

Our master bedroom is extremely small to be called a master bedroom. Once the bed goes in, the two wardrobes (yeap we have two wardrobes, one for me and for Azwaj..senyumkenyit), and the vanity top, there’s hardly room for anything else. Where before we could have the luxury of a tv set in the bedroom, now it’s only for the very basic furniture. The tv set sits quietly in the corner of the spare bedroom for now. Kinda sad huh?

That is why I was thinking of getting a tv mount for the bedroom. We could easily mount the tv to the ceiling so to speak. That way we won’t need any floor area and instead use the vast space up there (is everyone looking up now? gelakguling). Azwaj’s a bit hesitant coz this is a rental apartment so I have not quite convinced him yet but who knows, with persistent coaxing, he may change his mind kenyit.


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