Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A friend of Azwaj, C, received a very strange call yesterday. The caller told C that someone told him that C was gay and wanted to see if C was interested in a relationship. As you can imagine C went berserk.

He then called Azwaj to find out if there was anyone that can trace the call and find out who is caller was. C told us that he already inquired with the operator and they can’t help. It seems the operator can give out numbers if we give them the names of the parties provided it’s not a confidential listing but they cannot do the reverse.

I then surfed the net and found out about Reverse Cell Phone Lookup and this site is exactly what C needed but since it is a local cell number, I guess all hope is gone of finding out who the caller was. Unfortunately in Malaysia we don’t have a No Call List either to block further calls from this person to C’s cell phone.

Well, C, I guess you better change your number to confidential listing buddy. That’s all me and Azwaj can say. Sorry dude sedih


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