Monday, June 30, 2008

Cindi wrote me yesterday to inform me that she had a special award for me to collect and I was pleasantly greeted with the Mommette’s Best WAHM Site Award. Although not a mommy to any human babies, just like GP, I supposed the six kitties counted as well eh.. Thanks so much Cindi. This is really an honour! Isn’t the award so pretty :)


Ok then, since I am posting about awards, GP has recently had her own Awards Gala as well and ever the generous gal that she is, she has give me and a host of other wonderful bloggers, a host of awards as well.. I may need to commission an award shelf just like the one Emila has sengihnampakgigi. But before that I need a moving truck to get all of it to my blog first… so we go….

I would also like to thank Jean, Adrian and Lisa for giving me the awards as well. I’m sorry if I’ve left out your name if you have given me the same awards. It’s just have been so long and I simply can’t remember. I try to be better next time ok kenyit.

And now for the bit I loved the most. I get to share these lovely awards (the one in the lorry only ok) to.. Roxy, Cindi, Debbie, Syura, Natrah, Farah. Lisa, LadyBanana, Juliana, Shirley, Trinity and Shemah! The awards are all ready to go to your designated blogs right now!!

Enjoy and congrats!


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