Friday, June 20, 2008

I have been dropping my EC’s card like mad recently. I have six entrecards currently and so far have managed to do my 300 drops daily for three of my blogs.. My goal is to do the max for LJL and LLP daily and do one more round for either one of the remaining ones. I don’t think I would be able to drop all six cards in one day.. that would be too much work, and where’s the fun in that then right?

I’ve also recently installed Opera, the browser, and that somehow have made dropping much faster. Azwaj says the reason why my firefox is taking so much time to load pages is because of all the plugins I’ve installed (and the internet connection as well) so I’m keeping Opera VERY clean, just the basic!

Ok folks, catch you in a while, I want to watch Azwaj installed this KVM switch that he bought for his two PCs.. He said now, with the switch he won’t need two monitors, two keyboards and two mouses (or is it Mice? gelakguling) to control the two PCs. Now that I got to see!

KVM Switch


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