Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No top diet pill can save me. With all the delicious dishes my mommy was serving me last week while I was in SG, I’m a lost cause gile. I mean who could resist all the dishes below.

I love my fish so everytime I go back I will be served with Emak’s “Delicious Ikan Pecal”. This is a traditional Javanese dish. Very simply put, it’s deep-fried fish (either Stingray or this fish that both me and Emak just call Ikan Sharifah coz someone told us that’s what it’s called though we are not really convinced) with a special sauce that had coconut juice and chilli as the base. OMG! I’m salivating even as I speak!!

Then of course, mommy would prepare her Mutton Beryani, Sinfully Rich Chicken in spicy coconut gravy and another favorite of mine, Chilli Stuffed Fish.

We also had some meals outside as mommy wanted to eat something other than her cooking so we went to KFC for her fav cheesy fries and coleslaw. We also had Chicken Steak, Mushroom Beef Steak and of course Pizza!

Yeap Peeps! I’m almost scared to get on that weighing machine…gelakguling


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