Friday, June 27, 2008

Ask any computer user on what is the most important thing when using the pc and the likely answer is “SPEED”. Everyone wants a FAST computer. Most of Azwaj customers would come to him with very old pc and wants him to revive it back to life. They expect that miraculously that obsolete model would live again once they pay the service charge. Azwaj would try to his best ability of course and sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t. Most that still work are P4 machines that can probably run the OS effectively if the client is willing to consider adding computer RAM.

That being said, Azwaj would also have to see how much RAM the motherboard can accommodate. Newer motherboard can take up more RAM while some older motherboard have only two or three slots available. Next he also got to consider if the type of RAM suits the motherboard as well. After all not all motherboard can use the DDR PC2700 Memory right?

Luckily nowadays memory RAMs are easily found over at Low Yat, where we normally get our supplies from. Recently though, we found Memory Deal, which is a new online memory product that serves to provide customers the exact same RAM modules that OEMs install at the factory. So you will never go wrong matching what you have with your new purchase. They even have RAM for Apple in case you want to Add IMAC Memory and upgrade your system right now.

Their prices are also very competitive. Totally a cool site to check out!


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