Monday, June 30, 2008

Back in Singapore when I was a FTE (full time employee) as the personal assistant to the Vice President or Partners, as they are called now, I had another role that the company assigned to me (like I did not have enough work already), and it was the role of a MIS coordinator. Our company at that time had around 80 staff but we contracted an outside MIS personnel as there was no real need for one at that time. Our main support was coming from Hong Kong and between the contractor, me and Chris (our HK person) we were able to cover all the bases. He comes in twice a week and I would have a list of PCs and laptop for him to work on while I would handle the daily grit of backing up data, network monitoring and making sure that everything run smoothly.

So basically that was how I got to know the technical side of IT, the hardware and networking aspects of it. Everything comes connected in a crunch right? I did not have any proper training or any Cisco certification but sometimes common sense and the university of life does come in handy.

But you know what. I wished I had taken that certification as with it I could have totally switch vocation or have some real training in networking. Not that I did not enjoy being a personal assistant (after all it does have it’s perks) but a backup career and the knowledge such a course would bring would surely have its advantages especially in today’s evolution of the IT world.

I guess it’s not too late to take it up though except I’m too lazy to take up anything nowadays. Too contented with life already I supposed sengihnampakgigi.


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