Saturday, June 14, 2008

My home pair of glasses is a very hardy one and there’s a reason for it. As I “never evah” sleep as Roxy put it, I have my glasses on me 24/7 too. Being that the case, it also gets worn out fast.

Just recently, for reasons unknown, the spongy thingy that sits on my nose to protect it from “thinning” (LOL!) came off. Just one side mind you but I need to replace both.

Anyway, this type of replacement if I were to do it at any optician in SG, I would get it done for FREE, inclusive of slight re-alignment and even cleaning. But.. NOOOOOO.. in cost me RM5! Meager, you might say, but to me, it’s the principle behind it. Is customer service and loyalty no longer sacred? I mean I go to this particular optician for all my needs, and yet for this petty replacement, he can’t even give it to me for FREE?!

But then again, I guess it’s just me. You should see me haggling over the price of Cat5e Keystone jack over in Bukit Bintang.. I think all the salesmen actually run away when they see me approaching…gelakguling

You can take me out of SG but you can’t take SG out of me!!! peace


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