Thursday, June 26, 2008

I’ve always been good with renewal dates for anything. For instance I know that my passport will expire on 23 Dec 2011. I know Azwaj’s motorcycle insurance and road tax will expire on 23 December 2008. I also remember and this is very important, my social visit visa will expire on 16 July 2008. So for the life of me I don’t know how I can forget the renewal date for the car insurance and road tax for Azwaj’s car. Perhaps because we don’t use the car that often or perhaps because I don’t really pay attention to it coz that is the only file that Azwaj hang on to coz of all the repairs that needed to be done to it. Whatever is the reason I totally forgotten, and obviously Azwaj too, about the renewal of the auto insurance. And because of that, we were not able to use the car today to go grocery shopping.. Arghhh!!!

Anyway, since we always go with the same company and their premium is pretty reasonable, there is no need to look for any cheap car insurance or anything like that. I guess we have to do it soon eh.. Luckily the dates for the insurance and the road tax expiration is the same, so no hassle there.. Looks like another busy day for us tomorrow!


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