Friday, June 06, 2008

We finally got our new vacuum cleaner yesterday. I’m telling you it looks funky. It has a spout like an airplane nozzle that can be twisted and cranked so that we can keep the filter clean. It is bagless which means we save ourselves from buying those paper bags that we throw out anyway. So environmentally concerned, that’s what we are sengihnampakgigi. It also has a suction power of 1500W so it’s really very very strong to suck out corners for those cat furs and yet surprisingly quiet. Maybe now my house can look as nice and clean as the Hilton Head rentals.

See how Aggie is checking out the new vacuum cleaner? She’s probably thinking “hmm.. when is mommy is gonna clean me with this beauty?”.. heheh..Oh did I tell you guys she loved being vacuumed. I’ll post about it soon at my cat blog, in case any one is interested siul

Roxy!.. make sure you don’t miss that episode eh…lolzz..kenyit!

Ok folks, off to the inlaws now.. be back later tonight. Catch you guys soon babai


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