Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I love Azwaj’s car. I really do. Recently though, it’s been giving us more headache than joy. First it was the aircon. When he got that fixed, the petrol hose (I think) leaked and seeing how with RM50 can now only purchase 18litres of petrol, he figured, better get that repaired immediately. Now it’s something else. It would make lots of noise when he press the brakes. At first Azwaj thought it just meant that the brakes were dirty but upon further prying, he realized that it was the brake pad (I think that’s what he said) that needed replacing! Oh dear, insurance and road tax are also due soon.

Sometimes I think it’s really not worth having a car. After all, we hardly use it and we both enjoy the motorbike rides more. It’s faster and definitely cheaper, though it now cost RM12 on a full tank when before it was only RM6! Perhaps it would be just easier to hire a car as and when we need to, you know like public holidays. I can also search for the best car hire deals from If they can find Car hire malaga, car hire Las Vegas and car hire Italy, perhaps they can find car hire Malaysia? Plus, if they can find the cheapest one, all the better I say.


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