Thursday, June 05, 2008

We were out with friends yesterday for dinner when he asked us if we have filled up on petrol before the prices goes up at midnight. We asked him why and he told us coz the prices will go up by RM0.78 per litre at midnight!

Then, on the way to the petrol stations on our way home, there was massive traffic jam on roads leading to any petrol filling station. Azwaj decided to forget topping up as the traffic was horrendous .Cars were bumper to bumper and traffic was hardly moving at all. What would normally take us half an hour, took up close to 1.5hrs to reach home! Anyway, here’s the picture that I managed to click while passing one petrol station. This was taken around 9pm.

Anyway, I wanted to post this last night when I got home but I was too sleepy and thought I take a “cat nap” first but I ended up with a “lion nap” and woke up this morning instead! gelakguling

Did you manage top up last night?


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