Friday, June 27, 2008

All of us have been hit by the debt bug one way or another right? If you have not.. well all I can say is I admire your sense of discipline and self-control.

Me, like hundreds or even thousands of my peers, have been hit once or twice too. You know when you just gotten that brand new shiny gold credit card. You spent and splurge on wants and needs like it was your money and each time calculating how much would the minimum payment monthly. And upon calculating that, you decided, heck, I could afford that minimum sum easy, so you spend more and more till you eventually maxed out the credit card even without knowing it. Then at the end of the month, you nearly fainted when you see the bill but then again.. heck, it’s just a couple of hundred dollars anyway and you can still afford that and after all there is that big three months bonus at the end of year! Why not??

So there you were minding your own business, paying the minimum payment, promising yourself that you are not going to touch the card again when another brand new card comes your way. Wow.. this is good luck you say, the Gods are smiling down on you..and went on your shopping spree yet again.. And you know what, before you know it, you can no longer afford the minimum sum for either one card.

Now what am I or you to do?? The only thing to do for me would be to consider some form of debt consolidation programs or Debt Settlement Programs or even Credit Card Debt Consolidation Programs, which was what I did. At least now, I only have to pay one debt and a minimum sum that I can afford and hopefully that is an expensive lesson well learned. After that.. I need to cut those credit card in two..


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