Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well.. sort of.. lolzz!

Your Blog Should Be Yellow

You’re a cheerful, upbeat blogger who tends to make everyone laugh.

You are a great storyteller, and the first to post the latest funny link.

You’re also friendly and welcoming to everyone who comments on your blog.


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I think that with all these stress from the ever failing internet connection, I better go and get myself some acne products ready at home. You know, just in case I do get a break out. I hate acne and pimples and blackheads and whiteheads and anything foreign that is not meant to be on the facial area. Don’t you? gelakguling


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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What is wrong with my freaking internet connection? I know Streamyx is doing some form of maintenance work till 2nd August but this is ridiculous.

My Gmail is on html view. Don’t even mention my reader. My blogs won’t load. Other blogs won’t load. My comment box is showing a white screen and a timeout error. Even as I’m typing this, there’s this red alert that saying “Could not contact Saving and publishing may fail. Retrying..” So let’s hope this goes through…

Overall it’s sucks!!! I’m ready to hit someone.. Anyone!!!!

Not so cheerio today…

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The first time I read about stem cell was when I was in my gynae’s office for my yearly checkup. After reading the pamphlet about how stem cell would be able to help with Alzheimer’s, brain tumors, diabetes and even burns, I was really in awe and I thought that it was a great idea to do if ever I got pregnant. Never in my wildest dream did I thought that it was possible to do so even without being pregnant until I heard about C’elle.

Imagine being able to harvest stem cell monthly from our menstrual blood. The thought making you feel all gooey? But indeed it’s true. The female body produces millions of stem cell monthly and so far this has all gone to waste. Now it is possible with C’elle. Don’t just believe me, learn more About the Science and listen to C’elle Client Testimonial at their site and hear how this simple procedure could very well save the life of yours and your loved ones.


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Monday, July 28, 2008

I had an unexpected visitor today. It was my sister-in-law, my niece and my nephew. They had just bought SIMS2 and they were having some problems with the installation. So who would they turn to? None other than the one and only Ayah Chak ie Azwaj ie hubby!

Anyway seeing that it was last minute, I did not have a chance to cook anything but I still had the ingredients for my now famous Mug/Casserole Cake that I decided to bake them some. And guess what it was a hit! lolz!

Again thank you to my lil’chef cop for the wonderful cake. Now I can enjoy it anytime and so can my guests sengihnampakgigi!


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Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a busy Sunday! I had errands to run, housework to do, assignments to finish and a mug-cake to bake! Yeah, I got the ingredients all ready and now just waiting for the right time to bake it. That baking time came at 4am in the morning. While chatting with Debbie on YM, Azwaj came up from behind me and asked when he’s gonna get his mug cake. That was a cue to me to say he was hungry..lolzz!!

So I excuse myself from Debbie and went straight to the kitchen. Now you guys know how small my kitchen is, right? So it was a great thing that this baking session won’t take up much place otherwise I got to use those extra tall stools or the counter stools to place all the ingredients. Anyway, before I proceed, I can’t say my thanks enough to Sushi who blogged about his experience baking the mug cake. After I get his permission, I will publish the recipe over at my food blog ok.

Anyway, I followed his instructions to the letter, meaning when he said, levelled, I made sure it was levelled! And the cake came out superb! It was fluffy and absolutely DELISH! The only different thing I did different was instead of using a mug, I used my casserole dish instead simply because I’m not sure if any of my mug can be used in the microwave oven. I mean, I wouldn’t want to break a mug, destroy my microwave and not have a mug-cake all at the same time!

So, can you believe in 15minutes, both me and Azwaj were seated on our kitchen bar stools and was able to enjoy the cake at 4.15am in the morning? Talk about me being LaJu!.. (that’s fast in Malay).. Enjoy the pictures and please have a piece!!


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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gonna go down in a while to buy my ingredients for the delish mug-cake that Sushi did at his blog. The ingredients and the method are so simple. I’m hope they will have it otherwise I got to disturb Azwaj and take a short motorbike ride to the main supermarket at Bukit Indah!

Wish me luck!! I will definitely post if it is a success.. otherwise I’ll just remain quiet!! !gelakguling


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Friday, July 25, 2008

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for challenges and freebies. And that is why I am taking this offer for a Free 7 Day Trial from Altnet to download as much songs as I handle. I want to see how many I can actually download within the 7 days!

Altnet is basically a site, fully legal and endorsed by all major record companies, that allows you to legally download as much music from their 1.5 million track catalogue now with CD quality sound for one low monthly fee! It has an “All you can eat” concept that basically means unlimited downloads for a flat monthly fee. Imagine that! Unlimited! Wow… download heaven I’d say.

And now here’s the challenge. Use their Free 7 Day Trial offer to download as much songs that you can handle before you need to puke or something. Up to it? Register today!


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I called my mom today and boy was she angry. It seemed that she was at the bank earlier today to deposit some money. Now, she made sure she counted the money just to confirm the amount a few times, placed it in an envelope and proceeded to the bank.

When she was at the counter, she handed the money over to the teller, thought nothing of it and started looking at the next counter. Then, the teller told her, “Auntie, your money is $50 short from what you wrote here on the bank in slip”. My mom was surprised. She was confident that there was no shortage but not knowing what to say or do and perhaps thinking that she did make a mistake, took another $50 note and handed it to the teller. Done deal right?

Nooo!!…. she was downstairs (the counters was on the 2nd floor) and this lady approached her saying she overhead my mom’s predicament upstairs and she told my mom that her sister had the same problem, at the same branch, a few months ago! However, her sister argued and the bank’s manager came on board.. They proceeded to “search” for the money and lo and behold.. they found in the drawer a $50 note just lying around. When the teller was questioned who the money belonged to.. her answer was “I don’t know”.. Duh!!!

Anyway.. moral of the story… always count the money yourself first at the counter again before handing it to the close attention to her as she performed your transaction and check you passbook before leaving..

Poor mommy.. I feel for you!!

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GP had this test quiz going on MPG and I thought I give it a try so it’s time for another quiz people. This time it’s “Who is my 80’s Hunk”. Well I did the test a few times and ended up three times with John Stamos. I’m not really sure who he is, so I goggled him and I still don’t know who is he. Help!

Your 80s Hunk Is

John Stamos


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After the successful and interesting interview she did with Mariuca, I was so honoured when Debbie of Ramblings of the Phatapproached me to be her Friday Phat Blogger this time around. I was excited as this would be my first time being interviewed. I was worried that there was going to be some questions on current affairs or health issues like mesothelioma. However, Debbie made it all so easy. She emailed me a list of simple questions and I was able to answer them easily.

All in all, I had a great time and if you want to know more about me, make sure you head on over to Debbie’s blog ok :)


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Come and earn just like me by answering surveys just like these. Join me here :) and yes I’ve been paid already.


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Have I told you lately how much I love furniture? Have I told you lately how much I desperately need to look at computer desks to replace the current one that I’m using? Well Azwaj promised that when we move to a bigger house, we would buy me one! A nice one just like the picture here.. See how it is a corner unit? Can you imagine the amount of space I could save?

Now I can’t wait to move…gelakguling!


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wow! It was a record high yesterday when I actually wrote eight, count that, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, post entries! I was telling Azwaj that if I was in school and was told to write eight essays in one day, I would curse and swear the teacher to the end of time..gelakguling

I guess that was what all the preparation in school was for eh.. for me to blog till i drop! sengihnampakgigi


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We all know how difficult it is to find a good woman magazine nowadays. Most of them carry more ads than useful articles. Plus, now that prices of everything has gone up, you’ll know subscription prices would increase as well. My take on the matter?

Why pay when you can find a great site that has constant updates with tons of articles and features that every woman like you and me would love. At myLifetime dot com, you find articles such as “The Mascara Guide?” and “Hair secrets of the stars”, fitness advice and there’s even relationship quizzes you can take to find out how strong your relationships are. From health to style, from home and crafts to entertainment, they have it all there at myLifetime dot com.

Need I say anything more?


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My sleeping hours are so haphazard nowadays that even my mom is complaining..gelakguling.. coz firstly she don’t want to call me if I’m still sleeping and secondly if she needs to call, what time would be best? My answer? I told her to call anyway. Not many people know my home number so if it should ring, I know it is someone in the family sengihnampakgigi

Problem solved celebrate

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We went house hunting last weekend but unfortunately there was nothing that really caught our fancy. It was either too big or too old and the only one that was just the right size had just been taken up by someone else sedih. So we were disappointed to say the very least.

Anyway, when we got home, I rummaged through my old files to see if we can locate our old realty agent. Perhaps we should enlist his help? That’s when I saw this pamphlet. It was a land for sale in Genting Highland! What you do is you buy the land, then get someone to build your house for you. You can use their contractor or you can hire your own. How cool is that right? I mean I saw this website of texas custom homes and if the house can look anything like that.. I’m one happy camper…lolzz!

Well, like I say before. A girl can dream right??


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I am amaze sometimes at the talent of some people out there. I mean, I can’t draw to save my life much less draw an mural like this on a ceiling! I wonder if smokers would stop smoking if they are supposed to smoke in this smoking lounge day in and day out. I asked this same question to Azwaj and his answer was a resounding “NO”! Lolzz!!


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For most of you that come by this blog, you would know about my occasional cravings. Well, ok.. constant… for Cheesecake, Roti Sardin and even Nandos. Well guess what, this time around it’s chocolate. Yeap.. chocolate and we have Sushi to blame for it gelakguling

Ever since visiting our cute lil’cop Sushi, I’ve been eyeing that Mug-Cake and waiting for the opportune time to make one and since that time has not materialized yet, I’ve been having chocolate drinks, chocolate bars and chocolate ice-cream!

Now, can you believe I’m simply just ogling at chocolates over at this website I’ve stumbled upon this morning! Ahh what can I say?.. I’m in chocolate heaven with all the selection that can be found over at Gertrude Hawk Chocolates! Delish!!


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Yes! It’s that time of the year for Durians, the king of Fruits! Ever since I moved to Malaysia, I’ve been spoilt for selection. From big durians to small durians.. from cheap to the more expensive ones.. I can have it all!

However, my all time favorite, I have to say, are the small ones. They call it “Durian Kampung” here or durians from the village. They are cheap but yet so so good.. emphasis on the good!!! I just got some yesterday and for RM10 I got 6 of those delicious things! If you want to see the size of these durian.. come on over to my food blog. I got a video of Azwaj opening them all!


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I was a typical teenager back in the 80’s, influenced by the weird fashion and the music. Oh, if only I had that picture of me with the large shoulder pads and the thick belt.. yeah peeps it was huge! gelakguling

Anyway, the 80’s saw some great artists and bands in the making. We had Madonna, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and my all time favorite Wham!

The 80’s also had some great memorable movies. Who can forget that romantic flick from 1982 staring Richard Gere called “The Officer and the Gentleman” and the scene when he carried her and the song “Up where we belong” by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes came on? Also don’t forget the 1986 flick “Top Gun” that introduced us to Mr Tom Cruise! Oohh.. men in uniform.. don’t they just send shivers down your!!

Speaking about memorable flicks, how about the movie WarGames staring Mathew Broderick? I mean how cool is it to get a chance to play a game with the US Military’s war computer? And guess what? In conjunction with WarGames 25th Anniversary, the movie is playing a one night only event in select theaters nationwide on Thursday, July 24th. It would include a never-before-seen interviews with film’s creators and the cast (including Broderick and Ally Sheedy) and what’s more you’ll get a sneak peek at the making of the sequel – WarGames: The Dead Code. So make a date ok!


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More awards galore for me! Yeay!! This time it’s from the one and only Miss Yummy-licious, Jean!!!

Thanks so much Jean for all these wonderful awards.. and again I needed a truck to transport all these awards to LJL.. this time it’s a PINK Truck!

Also thanks to Bokjae for my “A Perfect Blend of Friendship” Award.

Oh Wow.. I can’t find a bigger truck so two of them got to be on the hood..lolzz!!

And now.. I’m passing it all to my Top Commenter (I love you all) as below:

  1. Mariuca
  2. Trinity
  3. Farah
  4. ECL
  5. Genie Princess
  6. Roxy
  7. Emila
  8. Shemah
  9. Jean
  10. Shirley


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I was uploading a video over at youtube just now to post over at my food blog, when a related video attracted my attention. It was an old video clip from Sonny and Cher with the song “I got you babe”. I absolutely loved this song. Call it the retro in me or whatever but I love the lyrics and I love the melody. And the two really just sang it so well.

Sonny and Cher – I got you babe

Cher has gone a long way from those day. She had bloomed to become a great star today and can you believe she is already like 62 years old. I wish I look that hot when I’m 62 too! Born Cherilyn Sarkisian, she is also known as a chart topping Pop Diva, Rock’n’roller, Director, Oscar winning Actress, and a critically acclaimed Broadway Star!

In Febuary 2008, she announced that she got a deal to perform 200 shows over three years at Caesar’s Palace called Cher at the Colosseum. The show started in May 2008 replacing Celine Dion show there. So if you’re a fan and you happened to be in Las Vegas, make sure you see her perform and get your Cher tickets at Caesar’s Palace because it’s one show you would not want to miss!


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Monday, July 21, 2008

Since my last post on the Glass Bridge in Grand Canyon, I just realized that there are lots of people out there who are actually afraid of heights or the terminology used to define it as Acrophobia or Vertigo.

I for one, love height. I love being in tall building, looking out the window. I love roller coaster rides and I just thrive on being up there high in the sky!

But I guess all of us are made up differently right? And with that in mind, I wonder how those of you with this fear of height thingy would react if you step into this bathroom?

Now… don’t anyone pee on the floor ok! gelakguling


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