Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I was blogging this afternoon when I heard loud voices coming from outside my window. So I put out my “kaypoh” or busybody mode and peered out. I saw this guy (a foreigner I think) was being “bullied” by two taxi drivers. Now I don’t know what transpired between them coz I am on the 10th floor and this happened like all the way below but from what I can make out is the taxi drivers were very upset even as the guy was trying to explain something to him. One of them was actually hitting the guy on the head a few times. What puzzled me what that this guy did not retaliate much less run. And no one intervened as the driver kept on shouting and hitting him.

Then another taxi driver stop his taxi and approached them. He went to the guy and I guessed the guy must have thought he was a friend and started explaining but you know what, this driver, without listening to the end, started hitting the guy on the head too! This was the time the guy must have thought he had no more allies and decided to run.. but even as he was running, the third driver was holding him and was kicking him on the bum. It really looked like he was running on a treadmill or something.. Luckily he managed to break away and ran for his life.. FINALLY!

I was all along asking myself why didn’t this guy just run seeing that he was already outnumbered from the very beginning? If it were me, I would have run like there was no tomorrow whether or not I was right or wrong!


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