Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ok people, there might be talk of another move soon. I know, I know, the previous one was a false alarm but this time we are seriously looking for another house to rent. Emphasis on the word HOUSE. Azwaj is getting sick and tired of the lift service here at the building, plus he’s never really was a fan of apartment living anyway. Although they so called repaired both lifts now, we are still at the mercy of the lifts in that if it decide to bypass our floor, it would bypass our floor. It’s like it has mind of its own!

Anyway, this time around, we would be looking for a house. Yeap, a house with no lift but with a porch where we can park the car and the motorbike side by side and preferably a nice back yard too that the kitties can sun tan in the morning. Oh, a house with kitchen cabinets would be nice too. With the climate in Malaysia, we won’t be needing any fixtures like Gas Fires or Electric Fires but a nice water heater for the bathroom would be extremely nice so I can shower anytime of the day without fear of getting an asthma attack.

Ok, so the search is on.. anyone knows anyone who’s renting in Ampang?? Hook me up ok kenyit


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