Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I guess everyone wants to be unique in their own special way. Be it in the way you dress or what you have or just making something you own uniquely yours. I know I try to be with whatever I can. My blogs template for one and my belongings for another. Like with Miss Fly and Miss VB, the moment I got these two gadgets, I immediately uploaded a customized wallpaper and screen saver to make it me. At the moment I’m looking for the perfect ringtones so that I know it is my phone that is ringing. I don’t want anything too loud or songs with lyrics for that matter. I prefer something that’s just melodious and of course truetone ringtone so that the quality is superb. I used to love the one I have for my Siemens phone but I can’t seem to find the song in the format is supported by Miss VB.

So I am still looking out for a few special free ringtones coz between the renewal of domain name and the cost of my new template for my other blog, I’m eating up into my budget this month.

Lucky for me, I found this site that I hope will provide me with just the right ringtone for me. So excuse me while I disappear for a while :)


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