Friday, July 11, 2008

I love decorating rooms. If I had my way, I would change the furniture setup in the master bedroom each month just to spruce things up. But alas, the room is already so small that Azwaj is already thinking of getting a double decker bed just so we have space to move around. Lolzz !gelakguling

Anyhow, the only way these days I can change the room outlook is by changing the sheets, the curtain or the rugs. However, the only room that I can use a rug would only be the bedroom and though I believe it would give the room a certain charm and character to it, there is no way I can place one at the living room. This is because in the 6 meows household, that is an impossible if not an unrealistic dream as sometimes for no reason or rhyme, Anja or Aggie would wake up from what seemed to be a deep slumber and starts puking out fur ball!

In our previous home, we had bigger master and guest bedrooms than the ones now so we were able to put some nice contemporary rugs to create just the right ambiance we wanted. Now all the three bedrooms have parquet flooring so there’s no real need for any area rugs I supposed.

But you know what, I can’t help but admire these rug selections from the Plaza Rug. After all they have like 4000 different rugs style and all with very economical prices and available for shopping online!

Oh well, a girl can dream jelir


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