Saturday, July 05, 2008

No matter how well you think you know a person, there is always a little bit more to learn.. so with that in mind.. here’s a great meme tagged by the lovely Farah to get the ball rolling again on learning something more about me and you.

I am: a very self-confident lady who knows what she wants out of life
I think: if you want to be heard, speak up, but if you want to be appreciated, shut up
I know: I can’t please everyone so I aim to please myself and only those that matter
I have: lots of opinion about everything though sometimes I don’t necessarily voice them out

I wish: I could be at two places at the same time
I hate: talking to men that treat women like second class citizen and that my views don’t matter
I miss: having my mother and family near me
I fear: of being alone

I feel: happy when everyone I love is happy
I hear: love when Azwaj sings
I smell: nothing when my nose is blocked
I crave: cheesecake and more cheesecake!
I search: for knowledge
I wonder: if that balance transfer application is approved.. ;)
I regret: not having said goodbye to my late father
I love: it when people can be themselves when they are with me and vice versa

I ache: for an evac plan for the kitties during a fire
I am not: a quitter
I believe: nothing is impossible
I dance: whenever I feel like dancing

I sing: all the time
I cry: when I’m angry and sad
I don’t always: makes sense.. I’m woman.. so sue me! lolzzz!
I fight: for my rights

I write: my thoughts, my feelings, my hopes and dreams
I win: when I get what I want
I lose: when I give up
I never: give up

I always: love to have fun
I confuse: some people sometimes.. but that’s part of my charm..lolzz
I listen: to all advice then evaluate if it’s best for me
I can usually be found: in front of Miss Fly

I am scared: of forever being in debt
I need: love in my life
I am happy about: my life
I imagine: a life with kids

And now I want to learn more about Cindi, EastCoastLife, Emila, Jean and Zubli!


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