Friday, July 04, 2008

Poor Azwaj. His pc is giving him problems. The screen was flickering a few day ago and he suspected it was the VGA card but thinking that it can hang on for bit he totally dismissed the idea of buying a new one. Then yesterday, the pc refused to start totally and when it did, it keeps rebooting itself. Basically it’s telling us.. hello.. hardware failure!

So today he got VGA card from the office and replaced it but still now luck.. so going to his troubleshooting mode, he replaced:

1. the RAM, still no luck..
2. removed an old capture card.. still no luck…
3. removed one of the older hard disk.. that seemed to work though it only managed to start switched on for a few minutes and reboot again.

However, this time, as the system was rebooting and just before that dreaded “blue” screen… there was an error message and from that Azwaj pretty much narrowed down the diagnosis that is was the memory RAM… Looks like another trip to Low Yatt tomorrow!

What will we do without our beloved PC?!


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