Friday, July 25, 2008

I called my mom today and boy was she angry. It seemed that she was at the bank earlier today to deposit some money. Now, she made sure she counted the money just to confirm the amount a few times, placed it in an envelope and proceeded to the bank.

When she was at the counter, she handed the money over to the teller, thought nothing of it and started looking at the next counter. Then, the teller told her, “Auntie, your money is $50 short from what you wrote here on the bank in slip”. My mom was surprised. She was confident that there was no shortage but not knowing what to say or do and perhaps thinking that she did make a mistake, took another $50 note and handed it to the teller. Done deal right?

Nooo!!…. she was downstairs (the counters was on the 2nd floor) and this lady approached her saying she overhead my mom’s predicament upstairs and she told my mom that her sister had the same problem, at the same branch, a few months ago! However, her sister argued and the bank’s manager came on board.. They proceeded to “search” for the money and lo and behold.. they found in the drawer a $50 note just lying around. When the teller was questioned who the money belonged to.. her answer was “I don’t know”.. Duh!!!

Anyway.. moral of the story… always count the money yourself first at the counter again before handing it to the close attention to her as she performed your transaction and check you passbook before leaving..

Poor mommy.. I feel for you!!

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