Saturday, July 05, 2008

Continuing from yesterday…

After testing with a new memory ram that Azwaj got from the office today, the dreaded “blue” screen still was persistent.. and he made one final decision that it was the motherboard that was “culprit”! Now the problem with replacing the motherboard is, because of the pc’s age, there is no more replacement for such a motherboard. The answer? Azwaj had to replace not only the motherboard but also the processor and the power supply as well! All in all the cost was RM990 whereas a memory ram would only have cost RM145! That’s was why he tried to replace other parts first, which was handy at the office anyway, then actually “admitting” it was the motherboard! Sigh!!!

So, after his guest left the office and after our short trip to the pet store to get the kitties their pet supplements, we were on our way to Low Yatt. In the end, it was like getting a sort of new pc for him.

Oh by the way, have you guys checked out my new template over at LadyJava Life’s Pages?? Let me know your comments ya sengihnampakgigi


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