Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ok! It’s a ranting moment peeps and this time is about our lift service here at the condominium. Ever since the fire incident, the lift service had gone from bad to worse. The residents of the 11th floor still do not have lift service on their floor! And for me, even though the lift comes up to the 10th floor when we’re going down, the lift choose to disregard our request to stop on the 10th floor whenever we were going up! So it just does as it desires, to either stop on the 12th or 13th floor! Such a bother especially during grocery shopping like today!

The management just got changed two months back and though the security has tightened, which is good, the lift service is yet to be desired. They should really get some new Lift Equipment to replace the old ones. Perhaps they should buy some from Shuttlelift for instance eh!

Anyway, I hope something gets done real soon coz we know the Owner’s Association has been having meetings with the new management since they took over. Here’s hoping :)


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