Thursday, July 10, 2008

Azwaj and I were over at his client’s place in TTDI earlier today and after he finished with restoring their hard drive and I finished my voice recording, we all decided to go get a quick supper. As we approached M’s car (this was 1am and the only place that was opened was a tad far hence the drive), we saw this big “sign” on his windscreen. M had parked at the back alley of this restaurant and apparently blocked the door to their gas cylinder and the owner had left the sign to informed him not to do that again next time.

We thought “OK, fair enuff”. Then as he opened the car’s front door, we noticed that the back wheel was flat. It seemed someone had let the air out on purpose. So we thought, Ok this was a further warning on top of the sign to make sure M got the message. Azwaj and M worked on replacing the wheel. We were a bit pissed off but we understand their frustration.

Tyre replaced, we were set. As Azwaj moved to the front of the door to get on the passenger side, he noticed the front rleft wheel had also the air let out. Now we were angry.. what kind of stupid and idiot people were this? Don’t they know that drivers have only one spare?? I would easily say this as vandalism!

I mean if I were the owner, I would want the car removed immediately.. but had M been alone, he would probably had left the car there till morning! Luckily M’s partner was still in the office so his help was enlisted to help bring M and the flat tyre to a nearest petrol station where they could inflate the tyre again, while me and Azwaj waited at that dark alley for them to come back! A two minute car removal now had taken close to one hour!

What an idiot!!!

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