Sunday, August 31, 2008

I couldn’t miss wishing Malaysia and her people a Happy Merdeka Day although I am all the way out here in Singapore! May you prosper under whatever circumstances you are in and under.

With that here is a Merdeka tag that GP tagged me with…

begin copy*

  1. Add your site(s) to the list if you’re a proud Malaysian Blogger!
  2. Pass this tag to as many Malaysian Blogger as you know, or if you’re interested but nobody tags you, just include yourself voluntarily. Show some patriotism!
  3. Once you’ve done posting this tag, leave a comment HERE! and you will be visited by a Malaysian local fruit, Mangosteen by the name of Mango! and added to the Master List.
  4. Update list regularly to ensure every Malaysian Blogger gets equal link benefit.

I am a proud Malaysian blogger
1. mangosteenskin – Saya anak Malaysia! 2. Life is too short to be ordinary – Malaysia Tanahair Ku! 3. Sha’s Love & Passion – Aku Anak Merdeka 4. A room of crazy scrapper – Merdeka!Merdeka! Merdeka? 5. Fliffy – Aku Patriotik, Sayang Malaysia ! 6. Rizal 7. haniz – Merdeka Forever! 8. Prozak Nation 9. CarolPinky – Proud Malaysian! 10. Mariuca – I HEART Malaysia! 11. EmilaĆ¢€™s Illustrated Blog – Saya Anak Malaysia juga 12. Simple Life – Sam – Saya Anak Malaysia 13. Shemah’s My Sweet Escape – Live, Enjoy and Love.. MALAYSIA! 14. Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery – Made in Malaysia! 15. Yani-Tennitodoku-Proud to be a Malaysian-MERDEKA! 16.Bluecrystaldude from My Little Black Pot – Saya Harap Malaysia Terus Maju! 17. Apples of the eyes 18. Snapshotcap – Freedom of choice is made for you my friend :) 19. Anaheus 20.Confessions Of A Breathing Tote Bag 21. A Great Pleasure – Malaysia is a food paradise ~ simply yummy~licious! 22. Mummy HnH – Harith and Hannah – MERDEKA 51st Celebration!!! 23. Shafie – I’m Here For U Malaysia 24. LadyJava’s Lounge 25. you’re next!

So guys if you are Malaysian or live in Malaysia, grab the tag ok :)


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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Whoever you are.. I LOVE YOU!!! .. because of YOU.. I’m able to blog FREE at the comfort of my own home in Singapore!

Please stay on a while longer.
Please hook on daily or as long as I’m here..

For those who don’t know what I mean.. sorry, coz I am not about to explain ;) .. For those who knows… well.. LJ’s is blogging in Singapore.. Awesome or What???


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Friday, August 29, 2008

I thought this post was gonna come from Singapore but due to unforeseen circumstances, my travel back to SG has been postponed till later today so HERE I am…lol!!

Anyway!! Today is my best blog buddy birthday!!! I know you are probably being pampered right now by hubby dearest – serenade, massage and everything as you prepare for your birthday getaway retreat later today but I wanted to be the first to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Last year we did not even knew each other but we have become fast friends, sharing our love for our fluffy kids and biatching about our favorite vice show, Boldie, to voting each other on BotB and most importantly spreading our midnight love since we are the self-proclaimed night owl. You have made my blogging experience more fun and more adventurous with your stories of dead bodies, fires and even falling ceiling!

Who else can I be talking about but my very own BFF, Mariuca aka Marzie aka Genie Princess!

I know lots of your friends both online and offline would be giving you treats and what not.. so I’ve racked my brain for the perfect gift.

How about our very own GENIE for your birthday!! hehehe.. Just rub that magic lamp and all your desire would be fulfilled…look you can even request for your very own maid.. so no more washing toilets, mopping the floors or ironing those clothes for your birthday week!.. How do you like that?

Now you can really rest and take your day off sengihnampakgigi!

Of course what kinda friend would I be without baking you a cake right? Guess what cake I baked you…lol!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful birthday… See you when I get back!!!

Love you girlfriend!!!!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ever wanted to know what kind of flower you are? Well I did the test and found that I am a Snapdragon and according to the test:

Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh.

Interesting eh??

Emila did this test too and she is a Sweet Violet.. How about you guys?


Other test you might be interested in:
Your character – according to your lipstick

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am thinking of opening a current account with Al-Rajhi bank because it would be so much easier to write myself a cheque and deposit it into my other bank’s current or savings accounts then to keep going to their ATM machine to withdraw my paypal money. However to do that, I need an introducer. That’s the weird thing about Malaysian banks, they almost always needs introducer to open any form of current account. We never needed one in Singapore (I assume it is still the same right ECL?).

Anyway, any Al-Rajhi’s current account holder out there willing to introduce me? Contact me ok? Thank you so much!


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We were over at a client’s home yesterday and boy, was I surprised when the client told us he has fourteen kids! You heard me right. FOURTEEN! The eldest is eighteen and the youngest is 16months. I didn’t dare to ask how old his wife is but from the look of it she must be only in her mid thirties. Wow! That is all I can say sembah

However, you know what, the house does not look like it had fourteen kids running around. It was spic and span. No toys strewn around, no messy laundry. Basically no mess. The wife and me got to talking from the living arrangement – it was a three bedroom apartment – to housechores and from sharing of appliances to Grohe faucets! Talk about yakking eh!

All in all, a nice visit to a client’s place sengihnampakgigi


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It’s 2.46am on a Tuesday morning here. I am so sleepy and the bed is beckoning and with the rain outside making it all nice and cool inside, I’m am even more lured to that warm bed.

But NO! I will stay strong.. I would stay up tonight. By hook or by crook! I refuse to be “Normal” people. Too much is at stake! Just too much!

Oh by the way.. check out the feast my mother-in-law prepared for the birthday dinner yesterday at my food blog ok. sengihnampakgigi


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Monday, August 25, 2008

You guys know what I need for my quarterly coach commute between Singapore and Malaysia? I need one of these heated travel mug.

Well that coach can get pretty cold most time. I usually take the non-stop ones so that I can arrive earlier into Singapore but a nice cup of Java juice would really perk up those travel.

I just found this product recently at a website and the way it works is, you just plugged it into the cigarette lighter in your car, in my case, the coach, and you’ll get your beverage to a nice drinkable temperature..

These are the features of the little wonderful invention:
# Steel mug insulates liquid to maintain heat level even when not plugged in.
# Heats liquids to selected temperatures (85 – 160F)
# Alerts the user when ideal preset temperature is reached
# Monitors the temperature of the liquid and displays status on the LED indicator
# Dishwasher safe removable inner mug
# 12 V auto adapter included

Hmm.. you think I can be sweet enough to the driver to let me use this in his coach?


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Find The Freshest Flowers At

It’s my father-in-law’s birthday today! Here’s to the most wonderful father-in-law a girl could ever ask for. Thanks for always being there for me and Azwaj and for being a great support system for the whole family!

Happy Birthday Abah.
We Love You!!


PS: We are having dinner tonight at my in-laws so I hope to get lots of food photos for my food blog sengihnampakgigi

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I’m sure you guys know about my new “job” and that it will enable me to experiment and experience with the wordpress platform. As far as I can see, it is going very well. They are certain things about the platform that I like and certain things that I find very troublesome. One thing that I absolutely hate is the FTP aspect of it. I guess it just takes a bit of getting use to the platform after the ease of using blogger.

Anyway, if there is anyone of you that might want to consider using wordpress, you guys need to get your own domain and hosting with a hosting company and there is this great article called “Tips For Choosing A Domain” that can help you with choosing the right domain name to fit your blog and niche.

Also check out their web host rating for 2008 and get some idea on the best hosting company around to serve your needs.

As for me now, I’m just having fun searching for wordpress templates and checking out all the features that wordpress have to offer. I’ll reveal the url of the blogs once I have some post going on ok. sengihnampakgigi


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I’m currently at Azwaj friend’s office surfing on Miss Fly using their wireless connection. We were having coffee downstairs earlier when I spy this RM2.99 shop and as usual I’m a sucker for those kind of shops. While Azwaj’s was chit-chatting, I excuse myself and look what I got from the shop.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this cute little pink container with cover but I’m sure it will come in useful somehow.. I’m so happy.. I got me a new container!!! gelakguling


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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Now that it is confirmed that I’m going back to Singapore this coming Thursday and will be spending a few days of the fasting month there, I am all geared up for my retail therapy. I’m sure with all the promotional products that is available during the Hari Raya’s bazaar in Geylang, I’ll be bringing home more stuff for Raya this time! Yihaa!!


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Friday, August 22, 2008

We were on our way back home yesterday and passed by this New Home Construction area that was completed recently. We stopped by a while to check out the show house and it was, for lack of better word, simple awesome! It was a two and half storey terrace house and it’s location is just perfect. It’s in Kosas Ampang and it’s close by to our office at Bukit Indah, also in Ampang.

The thought of Buying a Home has crossed out mind before but with the economic downturn and other commitments, it was just not our top most priority. Besides, worst case scenario, we can always move in with in-laws. gelakguling

Anyway, we still have not decided on the kind of house we wanted. Azwaj has always preferred the “house” concept with a front porch and a backyard while I, on the other hand, don’t mind apartment living. After all, it’s just the two of us and with a smaller unit, house chores would not be that daunting. Our previous rentals were two storey houses and it was quite a tedious chores to vacuum and mop daily!

Besides, if were were to look for apartments that cost less than RM100,000, Azwaj would qualify for the First Time Home Buyers 100% loan from one of the banks here, which would be awesome!

Oh well.. time would tell I suppose..


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I was just going through some of my moving checklist today. Wow.. sure lots of things to do when the move come.. oh well.. we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it….

Looking at these pictures, you might think that we were moving a houseful of people when in actual fact, it was just the two of us. gelakguling

On our first move, we used a friend’s lorry and got some friends to help us with the lugging around. They had to make five trips to finish off transporting the bulky stuff and we still needed to go back three more trips by car to eventually finish off everything. It was just too much hassle.

So for our move two years later, we decided to look at using Moving Companies as an option. We called a few including some International movers and eventually settled with a Moving company that was not only reputable but also provided us with a great price that included moving staff as well. We ordered the 3 tonne truck but never imagined to have this one appear at our doorstep that morning!

We thought, for sure the movers were crazy but they told us they only had this particular container truck available that morning but that they were still charging us the price that they quoted. Oh well, we figured they would never fill up this baby! Boy, were we wrong. It filled up all right.. to the door !gelakguling

I guess it’s going to be another container truck for this move. Arghhh.. not something I’m looking forward to sedih but yet again .. perhaps I am siul


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OMG! I’ve been sleeping and waking up like a normal human being again.. meaning I’m awake by 6am and sleepy by 11pm! What’s going on with my body clock!

I’m so sleepy now but I will persevere and stay up for a bit longer. Tsk Tsk Tsk :(

By the way.. Happy 20082008 everyone… nice number eh??


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can someone have a negative effect on electronic goods? I know it’s sounds kind of funny but I think my mommy is, though only to telephones . gelakguling

My mommy is onto her 5th home phone right now ! Somehow or rather, the phone would work well when I’m around but the moment I leave, it would give her lots of problems. There’s that phone that answers by itself – no it’s not on auto-answer. There’s that phone that crackles like mad and there’s that phone that has the lights that won’t stop blinking and won’t ring!

The creme of it all was her mobile phone. You might remember that when I bought Miss VB, my mom got a new phone for herself too. The reason was because, her then current phone always has problems getting network signals . I totally understood her frustration as I actually see it happening in front of my own eyes. It would take forever to “connecting” and I guess I would get pissed off too if it happens to me all the time. So after she got her new phone, she told me that I could have her “old” – only 6mths old – mobile phone. Luckily it was one of those unlocked cell phones so I thought “OK’ as I could try it out and replace my own SG phone.

Guess what folks. The cell phone works miraculously well with me. I only switch on my SG phone for online banking transaction purposes while in KL but each time I do switch it on, it “connects” instantly to autoroam! In fact I had not needed to charge it even once since I got it, which is like 3months ago.

And now, mommy is experiencing the same problem with the home phone. She just called to say that it’s not working! Oh poor dear… good thing I’m coming home soon eh. kenyit


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Monday, August 18, 2008

Me and Azwaj have no kids.. I like to say that GOD is saying “NOT YET” but I am getting older so perhaps it’s more like “IF” now. Anyway, the thoughts that entered the mind sometimes is not pleasing but you have to face reality too.. So here goes..

  1. I will , through the natural course of life, outlive my mommy, though of course only God know,
  2. If I outlive Azwaj and with no kids, I guess I have to think about growing old gracefully. For sure, I can live alone but if I’m sickly I don’t want to bother my brother or anyone else for that matter . I’m thinking that perhaps, I’ll sell my home in Singapore and other assets I have, and resigned myself to some old folks home. It would be nice to be able to afford some kind of Fresno homecare, but I doubt my CPF would be able to cover the cost. I guess we’ll see how much wealth I accumulated by then. encem

Oh well, not such a pretty thought for Monday but something for me to ponder on… Have a great week ahead peeps sengihnampakgigi


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We have a friend that just returned to Malaysia from working in banquet facilities in San Diego California. With the experience behind him, he decided that he can start something similar here with his wife and make it into a family business of it.

Somehow, he managed to get the funds he needed to get his restaurant started. He even found clients that were interested in catering with him. With such positive outlook, he started thinking of expanding his restaurant. Taking up the spot next to his restaurant, he has hopes of transforming it into a western cuisine hot spot. Things went fine for the first few months. Whenever we met, we would hear rave reviews on how his catering and restaurant business is doing. We were all extremely happy for him, of course.

But alas, things were not going as well as it seemed. He made a slight error in his business projection that cost him a bundle of money. Last month, we heard he closed down his business with a RM60,000 loss! We really don’t know what happened since he has been avoiding us but whatever it is, we hope he would bounce back again soon.


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