Friday, August 08, 2008

I was just over at my new neighbor’s house just now and, oh wow, what she did to her apartment was spectacular. Apart from all basic fixtures, the wowing factor actually came from the way she decorated the apartment. The furniture, the carpets, the flowers and even the Drapes. She made the whole house looks so cozy with just the right color and style. And the best part was she did it all herself, fyi, no decorator needed at all. She said that she adapted most of her ideas from magazines and books that she read .

She also said that the right kind of Window Treatments can either make or break a room ( a woman after my own heart) and the whole home as well. That’s why varying the type of curtains you used are also very important. You need to evaluate properly if that Valances, and Swags would work or only make the room look too cluttered.

Wow! I am so inspired. Can’t wait for my own home to experiment. There’s even a site that I can go to to get more ideas and it’s at FabricWorkroom dot com, a site that shows all the best style and fabric that you can get and at 35% discount. This site also ships internationally and accepts Paypal payments. Awesome right?!


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