Monday, August 18, 2008

We have a friend that just returned to Malaysia from working in banquet facilities in San Diego California. With the experience behind him, he decided that he can start something similar here with his wife and make it into a family business of it.

Somehow, he managed to get the funds he needed to get his restaurant started. He even found clients that were interested in catering with him. With such positive outlook, he started thinking of expanding his restaurant. Taking up the spot next to his restaurant, he has hopes of transforming it into a western cuisine hot spot. Things went fine for the first few months. Whenever we met, we would hear rave reviews on how his catering and restaurant business is doing. We were all extremely happy for him, of course.

But alas, things were not going as well as it seemed. He made a slight error in his business projection that cost him a bundle of money. Last month, we heard he closed down his business with a RM60,000 loss! We really don’t know what happened since he has been avoiding us but whatever it is, we hope he would bounce back again soon.


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