Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We were supposed to go renew our car insurance today but Azwaj’s gut feel was telling him to be at the office instead. So we did. We left the apartment early (I woke up at 4am..hehehe), bought our favorite Nasi Lemak from that stall that had queue number and head on to the office.

You know what, Azwaj’s gut feel was spot on because at around 10am, his father called and was wondering if I can help him with some paperwork. Now if you recalled, my FIL actually bought a laptop recently. Unfortunately that day that Azwaj showed him how to use it was also the last time he took it out from the bag.. lolz!

Anyway, a few moments later, the phone rang again and and this time it was a client with an urgent request. This was followed by another client wanting to drop off a laptop and a pc for repair and another client requesting for a quote! Wow! The power of “Gut Feel”. Never ignore them!


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