Friday, August 29, 2008

I thought this post was gonna come from Singapore but due to unforeseen circumstances, my travel back to SG has been postponed till later today so HERE I am…lol!!

Anyway!! Today is my best blog buddy birthday!!! I know you are probably being pampered right now by hubby dearest – serenade, massage and everything as you prepare for your birthday getaway retreat later today but I wanted to be the first to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Last year we did not even knew each other but we have become fast friends, sharing our love for our fluffy kids and biatching about our favorite vice show, Boldie, to voting each other on BotB and most importantly spreading our midnight love since we are the self-proclaimed night owl. You have made my blogging experience more fun and more adventurous with your stories of dead bodies, fires and even falling ceiling!

Who else can I be talking about but my very own BFF, Mariuca aka Marzie aka Genie Princess!

I know lots of your friends both online and offline would be giving you treats and what not.. so I’ve racked my brain for the perfect gift.

How about our very own GENIE for your birthday!! hehehe.. Just rub that magic lamp and all your desire would be fulfilled…look you can even request for your very own maid.. so no more washing toilets, mopping the floors or ironing those clothes for your birthday week!.. How do you like that?

Now you can really rest and take your day off sengihnampakgigi!

Of course what kinda friend would I be without baking you a cake right? Guess what cake I baked you…lol!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful birthday… See you when I get back!!!

Love you girlfriend!!!!

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