Monday, August 18, 2008

Me and Azwaj have no kids.. I like to say that GOD is saying “NOT YET” but I am getting older so perhaps it’s more like “IF” now. Anyway, the thoughts that entered the mind sometimes is not pleasing but you have to face reality too.. So here goes..

  1. I will , through the natural course of life, outlive my mommy, though of course only God know,
  2. If I outlive Azwaj and with no kids, I guess I have to think about growing old gracefully. For sure, I can live alone but if I’m sickly I don’t want to bother my brother or anyone else for that matter . I’m thinking that perhaps, I’ll sell my home in Singapore and other assets I have, and resigned myself to some old folks home. It would be nice to be able to afford some kind of Fresno homecare, but I doubt my CPF would be able to cover the cost. I guess we’ll see how much wealth I accumulated by then. encem

Oh well, not such a pretty thought for Monday but something for me to ponder on… Have a great week ahead peeps sengihnampakgigi


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