Monday, August 25, 2008

You guys know what I need for my quarterly coach commute between Singapore and Malaysia? I need one of these heated travel mug.

Well that coach can get pretty cold most time. I usually take the non-stop ones so that I can arrive earlier into Singapore but a nice cup of Java juice would really perk up those travel.

I just found this product recently at a website and the way it works is, you just plugged it into the cigarette lighter in your car, in my case, the coach, and you’ll get your beverage to a nice drinkable temperature..

These are the features of the little wonderful invention:
# Steel mug insulates liquid to maintain heat level even when not plugged in.
# Heats liquids to selected temperatures (85 – 160F)
# Alerts the user when ideal preset temperature is reached
# Monitors the temperature of the liquid and displays status on the LED indicator
# Dishwasher safe removable inner mug
# 12 V auto adapter included

Hmm.. you think I can be sweet enough to the driver to let me use this in his coach?


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